As popularity rises, so does risk of being bullied
Adolescents are often targeted for bullying because of their appearance, sexual orientation or loner status. But not all bullying victims fit that profile.  New research suggests that as students become more popular and climb the social hierarchy of middle and high school, they are at increased risk for gossip, harassment and even physical attacks from rivals competing for status. And the adverse consequences of that bullying — including increased depression, anxiety and anger, and decreased school attachment — are magnified the more popular the victim, according to the paper published in April's American Sociological Review.
Stop Bullying: Speak Up
Understanding what excites and concerns youth is one of the critical ingredients to Cartoon Network’s success. That’s why we knew we had to act when we learned that nearly 85% of our youth audience was concerned about bullying and needed information on how to prevent it.  School students raise Stop Bullying: Speak Up flag at their school.When we first launched Stop Bullying: Speak Up, we saw a great opportunity to make kids smarter about bullying and to also strengthen our connection with kids and families.
Bullying Facts & Bullying Quotes
Bullying is being mean to another kid over and over again. Bullying often includes: Teasing, Talking about hurting someone, Spreading rumors, Leaving kids out on purpose, Attacking someone by hitting them or yelling at them
Be More Than a Bystander
Kids see bullying everyday. They want to help but don't know how.  Teach them how to be more then a bystander.  Don't give the bully an audience by laughing or joining in.

Labels can be harmful to kids. Every label sends a message that tells children how to think about themselves. Too often, these labels can be hurtful, and both positive and negative labels can cause problems. Watch new video about labels and share it with others in your community who are looking to take a stand and speak out against bullying.

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